Whatever Forever
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Karissa has class from 3:30-5:50 and I’m always like yes gonna do homework but then I always fall asleep

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Fuck up your sleeping schedule with me so i know it’s real. 

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If you’re uncomfortable, I could take my clothes off too.
We could go back to the party, or we could stay up in your room.
And I should hug my friends more than I do. It’s unfortunate, my attitude.

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Trackname — The Distance That I Fell
Artist — The Front Bottoms
Album — My Grandmother VS Pneumonia
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Dan Campbell l The Wonder Years (by Ally Newbold)

The boy I like called me a babe yesterday and I flipped out for a solid two hours

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Closing Time by Semisonic (cover by The Early November, The Wonder Years, The Swellers, and Young Statues) (x)


fucking cuddle with me you bitch